The end

majestic. oceanic. abstractic. keeps the world afloat. For long, no one cared about finding out the meaning of time. Its use was limited to mechanization. Now, it's turned into a perspective tool. Its vastness and ephemera have become regular reminders of our own unimportance. In the cosmic language of time your life is a grain of … Continue reading The end

For whom the bell trolls: Talking on the Internet

The principled virtues of your existence helping or hindering your edification depend on moral traits that the common populace upholds toward its own enlightenment. Dawn, thus comes upon the few who have no such virtues. Sophistication comes from Greek 'Sophistry'. Sophistry comes from the Latin 'Sophist'. Sophist comes from English 'Jackass'. Sophistry is a style … Continue reading For whom the bell trolls: Talking on the Internet


What happens when you wrap excuse, escape, entitlement and exaggerated self-importance into one taco? This alliterative junk food has many names. Psychology, the gentlemanly cigar-smokin uncle that it is, calls it bias. Self-help, the nauseous, processed food that it is, calls it the story you tell yourself. Of course, I, the cosmic vastness that is my vocabulary, … Continue reading Secret(a)