On writing #1

This is a short meditation when I first started writing and ran out of things to write about. About 10 days after I started writing. Early 2016. Ends abruptly.

Write about some interesting experiences. You need to expose yourself to interesting experiences to write about these. Memory and Magic are two things you can write about. Expose yourself to more and more interesting things. That’s the only way you can write anything interesting. There is material everywhere. Your childhood anytime you face the writer’s block. Go back to those days. Identify your topic. It’s time to get into serious writing. Too many drafts at my disposal now. I have written a lot already. Need to spend some time now on research. That’s a great way to write more. It gives you a lot of information that helps you with your writing. You need not necessarily only travel, just exposing yourself to interesting experiences will do.

Should I write a great 100 words in 50 mins or ugly 400 words? I need to put out great content there. I have been writing well now. Its been a good thing to write everyday. I need to take it to the next level. There has been little research in my work. How do I change that? Need to ponder on this. 100 great words is going to be a slow process because to start off from where I left might be a challenge.

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