A really short essay on Peace

Let’s turn down the volume knob of life for a bit. We need to talk about a quiet something.


How do you talk about a feeling that must be felt? A notion so paradoxically abstract that speaking about it is an act of betrayal; the one thing you can still see with eyes closed – this thing called peace.

With an increased focus on happiness, peace has become a forgotten war hero – a shy sidekick – a mere jargon. This is an attempt to snorkel in the ocean of peace.

Peace and happiness have become synonymous. And we have started giving the idea of happiness an increased importance. But, happiness without peace is like crying in the rain.No one can notice, sure, but you are still crying, and it sucks. Where is the inner peace, we ask then.

This idea of inner-peace sounds esoteric. No one knows what it is. It’s like looking up at the vast expanse of the sky to determine the history of the big bang. Peace is like that sky. It’s the rectangular universal set around the intersecting circles of money, fame, happiness, love, and junk food. To enjoy whatever is in the circles, we need to experience the quietude of the sky. Actually, that’s not a metaphor. Try it today. Stare at the sky in the night. I can’t guarantee peace. But, you will feel a strange calm. If stars can break you, they can also heal you.

Peace has a very spiritual sense to it, and anything spiritual is suspicious. Hence, we go around it to experience the ephemera. Peace can only be bought with time. Prayer, meditation, and silence make us uncomfortable. Hence, all attempts at quite are avoided. Our attempt at peace through avoidance is an attempt both futile, and funny.

I wanted to resurrect the forgotten war hero. I did not intend to make you squeamish.

We have wrapped this beautiful velvet of happiness around peace. And we don’t want to tear that apart. It’s so beautiful, we say – afraid to destroy it to uncover what’s inside – afraid to go deeper – afraid to see the gift that is peace. And once you see it, we won’t be able to take our eyes if it. I am still unwrapping.

Peace in.


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