Of & On Nothing

Nothing today. No philosophical discourse. No life-lesson fuss. No experience to share with ye. Today, we shall thrive in nothingness. In fact, you don’t even have to read further. Shut this right here and do nothing for the next three minutes and you’d have done serious justice to this post.

Are you still reading? Why read when I have explicitly told you there’s nothing I have to say? You think you are going to find something important, aren’t you? That’s the hope here. That if I actually write something, it can’t be nothing. There is nothing you will find inside this one. It’s a deep pit that talks about the depth of the pit.

Where do we begin something that has no beginning? No existence. Naught. Somewhere in the middle? It makes it easier to start somewhere in the middle. It gives you two ends. Or two beginnings.

Nothingness is hard. I realized this would be hard one even before I began: to write about nothing. But, its aesthetic value for the head is too good to leave out, and be true. It’s hard to appreciate beauty that’s invisible. We need to give it a form. That’s the only way for nothing to get attention. I have no idea what my next sentence is going to be. But, I write. I have written so far. That’s pretty much how nothingness feels.

A few people have made an attempt to figure nothing out, but we don’t know what happened. We don’t hear about the people or the results.  The closest you can come is to ask yourself: Have you felt nothing? Have you touched it?How you been frantically waved at while at it? Nothingness is this weird paradox where the moment you realize you feel nothing, you are feeling something and hence that cannot be nothing. Can you think of a time when you did nothing? We jog our memories and ensconce in the comfort of yonder nothingness. It was such a good time. But, we don’t remember when or where. We only know there was a time that felt good.

Does nothing mean you give up on life? Or you are living life to the fullest, whatever that means. We live in the trenches constantly shooting for everything. Like the emperor in plain clothes looking for the next ruler, Nothing walks by every day while you are devising ways to become emperor.

When people say, nothing can stop me, they don’t realize the truism behind that statement. When you experience nothing, you can’t go any further. You freeze. Must be like getting struck by lightning. And nothing should stop you. That’s what it is for. It’s the inertia of rest for the head. It’s a feeling you’ll never be able to describe. And no one is going to believe you without thinking you loony. What are you going to tell them? That you did nothing and it felt like something? The reason I went ahead with the futile act of talking about nothing is only because it’s futile.

Make space for futility – the nothingness. Not because serendipity will come out of it. But because you can reach the end of it and be comfortable that to find yourself in the middle.

You stumbled onto this post and decided to read about nothing. That’s bold. You have taken the first step. Don’t go afar. Someday you will seek nothing like a freshly baked hot chocolate cookie. It’s never crowded enough to make space for nothing.

Nada. Nada.

2 thoughts on “Of & On Nothing

  1. Bravo!!! I am clapping in my mind.
    The 2nd paragraph was psychic and I continued to read though you explicitly promised nothing for the effort.
    It won’t surprise me if you turn out to be the leader of a great……


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