Year 2

Some updates on the blog for 2018:

1.You will notice new words in some of the posts. They are called bad words. Because $, # and * are all pissed at being used insensitively and want to go back to living a thug life.

2.I will try to engage with more of you. And by engage I mean, wake you up from a deep sleep and ask you to edit a post and then blame you when someone says they didn’t understand shit.

3.If you are reading this and thinking I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about your blog, then do tell what you give a rat’s rump about and maybe I could lay out a trap. I am asking for ideas you would like to read about. I’ll take a crack at them or some combination of them. So, please write your idea(s) on any page on the blog in the ‘Leave a reply’ section. (If it turns out lame, naturally, I am blaming you; It was your stupid idea.)

Also, have a great 2018 and in case I hurt you, bored you or plain annoyed you with anything I said on my blog last year, I just want to say, You’ve seen nothing yet!

Be good. Cheers.

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