Why did you wake up today

Welcome back. Yet another day of purposeless posing. Tomorrow, you’ll take the same route to hell.  You’ll see plastic faces buried inside recycled papers. White cups of green hot piss have replaced coffee.

They want to live healthier, longer — these delicate, dead-eyed souls. Have you seen them in an elevator? Packed like goats. A pathetic sight to behold. They are in a dull hurry. Listen to their shoes and you’ll hear a sickening smugness.

The earth is a carpet. The air – unreal as you – a drafty murmur. You are a few mornings away from being replaced by a breathtaking bot. Until then, revel us in stories of yet another weekend, the only why left in your wretched continuity.

That’s motivational speech in nihilist lingo. Chances are, a version of this speech has played out in your head. In the still hours of the night, or maybe this morning in bed if you are one cheery cookie.

I am sure you’ve tried it all: smothering the thoughts with your blanket, breathing fresh air into them, or sleeping it off all morning. The thoughts keep coming back. As I wrote in part 1, nihilism finds us all.

You need Jujitsu lessons.

Jujitsu, often confused with a gummy confectionery, is a Japanese martial art form of close combat. The essence of Jujitsu is in using the opponent’s force against himself rather than confronting it with one’s own force.

What that means is if you want to punch me on the face for all the depressing shit I’ve said in the last two essays, I’ll just calmly move to the side and gently tap you on the back, leaving you lurching forward in the air — face first!

As someone asking for a gummy confectionery would say, Jujippy!

Using nihilism against itself can be liberating in that it can free you from the very shackles of your life’s meaninglessness it tries to throw you into. Instead of confronting nihilism head-on and losing, use its power against itself.

Confronting Nihilism

Instead of waking up because there’s no reason to, we need to wake up to go find a reason.

You persevere not in spite of the nothingness and oblivion, but because of it. You exist not to find meaning of it all, but to become comfortable with the meaningless of it all. Instead of being weighed down, use nihilism to make you stronger. Use it to move deeper rather than distant.

As nihilism gets ready to deliver its blows, move to the side and keep walking and watch it eliminate itself from the Royal Rumble of your thoughts.

None of this means nihilism is bad. It’s not an enemy of optimism as it’s often made out to be. As a thought process, nihilism is very important for awareness, forgiveness, and humility.

Not to mention, it plays a big role in helping you find your why. Instead of finding a why in the answers everyone approves, you are free to find a why in the questions you are curious to explore. Since none of it matters anyway, you may as well try your way. And if thoughts and people come at you in combat mode, jujitsu them: step aside and keep going.

The big daddy of nihilism, Friedrich-nihilism doesn’t apply to mustaches-Nietzsche famously remarked, those who are seen dancing are considered insane by those that cannot hear the music.There’s a music playing for you. That’s why you need to wake up. To find the music. To hear it. To dance to it. I hope you dance. You will be surprised how many of us never heard the music until we saw you dance.

Photo Credit: Nigel Tadyanehondo

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