Who is going to win the Game of Thrones and more such astonishing revelations

So much of what they tell you is a lie. A whole load of bullshit. I don’t know which is a lie and which isn’t. I don’t even know who “they” are. All I know is I am late to the party and this idea has become obsolete and been replaced by a revised and updated version:

So much of what they tell you is over-rated. Not just lies or bullshit. But deeply exaggerated dogma. Decorated by manure.

Here are a few you will recognize as you grow up: Grades. Going out and meeting people. Career. Marriage. Reasons you cannot marry your 5th cousin. And the holiest of the lot: Figuring out what to do with your life.

You know how people have regrets about not living their life to the fullest and stuff like that? It’s not because they didn’t figure out what to do with their life. It’s because they believed all the over-rated baloney passed down to them.

Of course, my millennial homies came by and questioned this, and in the process, we spawned a new beast.

It went from being curious to mindlessly questioning everything just because it is the hip thing to do. The answer is never the point anymore. It’s the belief that is. Cool on the outside; selfish and vapid on the inside. Example: Quitting your job; Finding your passion; Changing the world; Owning an iPhone.
We don’t have to look up to generations anymore. We have a new form of doctrinaire dissemination.

Propagating crap like it’s the truth when you don’t really feel a thing about it. Propagating crap like it’s the truth because your 5th cousin’s best friend feels strongly about it.

And the really ominous of ’em all: Propagating crap like it’s the truth because you feel lonely and need some love.

This over-indulgence has left us feeling like impostors. We haven’t stop pandering to the crowd. We are the crowd.

If everyone in the crowd said something must be good and you didn’t agree, you begin to wonder if something is intrinsically wrong with you. Example: Harry Potter.

Then, there’s the other side where the crowd dislikes something very much and you like it a lot. Example: Your 5th cousin.

50,000 years earlier, this helped you survive. But, now – it’s become your sole form of identity.

On a ten-point scale, most of life’s experiences are concentrated somewhere between 4 and 8. There’s the rare 10 and the rarer 1. But, what makes the 10 and 1 is completely different for different people. Still, we live most experiences based on the scale that has been preset by everyone that has gone through the experience before us.

And with every experience now getting a scale, this has become the reference point that governs why, how, and what you feel. Or allow yourself to feel.

In looking for the truths you haven’t come close to figuring out what to do with your life. Because you are looking in the wrong place. Outside. Most of the stuff you feel deeply about is overrated not because people said so. But because, on the inside, you feel nothing.

You want to have the feeling of feeling deeply about something. You support a cause because you like the idea of supporting the cause more than the cause itself. The truth you have revealed is a lie inside a lie. The sooner you see that – the sooner you can move on and go do something useful.


If you are still wondering, I don’t give a shit about Game of Thrones.

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