Take it easy, Urvasi

My generation and I share a mental affliction for justice. Not the legal, disenfranchised, show-some-mercy justice. More how-in-the-doubledrat-chickenshit-hell-can-my-food-arrive-8-minutes-late justice!

The zeitgeist that the world is screwing us over and the need to do something about it is not new. For most of history, it led to important changes, unthinking disasters. Now, it has now devolved into some sort of a routine, a sad little remnant of the force it once was.

Here’re some examples of new-age justice:

Food: Give me my money back because my thick Oreo-Shake is, you know, not thick!

Transport: How can you not follow a simple map, you dogshit Uber driving away from me!

Freedom of speech: Of course, between the time we are waiting for food and Uber to find us – we log in to Facebook and tell someone their argument is stupid because their face looks like a baboon’s ass.

We are a century of refunds, ratings, and rage. And the fact that we have no idea what to do with our lives is the dung that fuels the drive.

Somewhere between the Internet and ordering toilet paper online, this new idea of injustice began to haunt us.

We weren’t prepared to take in all the luxury coming our way. Suddenly, we could get so much done by just sitting on our arse.

Freedom of speech has become the sociopath’s excuse. Data has become the measure of character. The atmosphere has become polluted with paranoia.

And we are all wearing masks of weary cynicism believing it’s protecting us.

For a long time, businesses meant making a livelihood. And then some dude came over and said some shit that made us lose our heads.

download (2)
The new view of businesses has been that all businesses are trying to screw us over.

Everyone craps on Amazon and Facebook. We talk of them as demons destroying small businesses and making profits by selling us out.  But here’s something no one talks about: we are responsible for all this.

If anyone can destroy a small business, it’s us. We have become slaves to discounts, cash-backs and frigging BOGO’s – to sitting on our arse and clicking away at our desires. And when what we get is not the perfect mold that fits into our desire, we lose our shit.

While amazon can throw your money back at your face for being a dick, small businesses will agonize, apologize and die.

It’s pathetic to watch this play out. The customer isn’t God any longer. The new customer is a psychopath that can swap your sanity with his own entitled insanity and then tear you apart for driving him insane while watching you apologize. Dang.

This sense of injustice is pervasive because after a while we start distrusting each other. You know the old quip: we are all selling all the time? That means we are all also customers all the time and, by now, that should unnerve us.

For any sense of justice to prevail, we must preserve our humanity and let that dictate the atmosphere. The true measure of humanity is not bringing justice to your own desires, but to forgive faults, accept ignorance, and exercise love and hope – over and over again.

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