Why you should not read this blog

I don’t care if you read this blog. Except on days when more than 10 people are reading the blog and I feel like I am second coming of Tolstoy. Except for those and wee about 360 other days of the year, I don’t really care. I am sexy and I know it.

In its essence, this blog (and everything else that accompanies it on the internet) is information. I want to hit you with stats on how much information is out there, and how we are generating centuries worth of information every second, but here’s a word to summarize all the information out there: shitload. Brevity be blessed.

More information was exciting. It meant more stuff to know and learn and think about. Then, like everything else that promises salvation – information became an obsession; the idée fixe of staying awake.

Under the pretext of learning, excitement trounced attention. The information beast found its energy/shit-feed in three major sources:
Email. Social Media. News.

Whaddya have to say sweary brevity?

Get a life, shithead.

This is the-world’s-amazing-and-nobody’s-happy sort of problem. And enough has been said about that.

However, if you are not the missionary of meaningless information exchange, you could get sucked into a whole other stream of information soup. Like this blog. The million other blogs. Listicles. The existentially deep rabbit hole known as the Netflix algorithm. Cats. WWE.

Maybe the last one is just me.

Managing information is one of our greatest struggles. Remember abandoning book after book to pick up a different, more exciting one? Of course, this is a relatively seemingly intellectual problem to have. The world-sucks-and-I-am-above-it sort of problem. But this is its own form of skulduggery.

Reading Leo Tolstoy or watching a documentary on killer whales may be your weird way to blow off steam. These distractions can be a blessing when they help you think better, know better or even, to an extent, get away from insufferable lunatics.

But it’s when the distractions turn into a permanent, unconscious escape do we have a problem.

When you are going from blog to book to Facebook to cat to Undertaker to documentary to sleep without actually doing anything.

When you are using this daily grind to ignore what’s really important and significant.

As much as I secretly wish my blog is a part of your escape, I want to pretend I am enlightened and tell you, you should not be reading this blog. Or any blog. You should go attend to the important stuff that needs your attention first. Relationships. Work. Health. Game of Thrones.

Solving a problem by not paying attention to it is the recipe for regret. Alcohol used to be the secret ingredient in that recipe for a long time. Now, somewhat wretchedly — information has become that ingredient. And we don’t even realize it’s playing us all.

You are putting something off, all the time. And at some point, the volcano that you are trying to move will burst with you inside it.

It’s once you deal with crap you’ve been putting off should you go back to the unexplored joy that can be information. I will be the first one out there to welcome you like the star that you are. Until then, a random blogger’s philosophical ramblings is not something you should give a shit about. So yeah. Thanks and Goodbye.

If you still think the information out here (or anywhere) is actually helping you understand your problems and pissings-offs better, read on. And send some money over, freeloaders.

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