“For the hundredth time, I don’t mean to pry.”
-A cat’s last words.

Curiosity is a benign human peculiarity that’s gone through a long, arduous, mostly successful advancement.

Lately, the journey’s turned nauseous and circuitous.

Freaking long ago,

Curiosity started as nature’s way of human sustenance.

Red, round, runny thing. “Let’s try it.”

Ten days later…

“Darn, everyone almost died. Stay away from that thing.”

Pink, pulpy, pungent thing that moves.

“Get the fire going. Who’s up for the elimination challenge today?”

And so on.

Long ago,

A group of bearded men came along and made curiosity their sole purpose. They were kooky people but their curiosity was the beginning of humanity’s intellect and wisdom.

Apropos, they were called philosophers. The world, still going after fruits and animals, was far from ready for them and tried getting them to drink poison-laced green juice. That only made the questions they asked more popular.

Sometime ago,

Curiosity turned into the nature of things and how they worked. Inventions and discoveries happened. Industrialization was curiosity’s big break. Technology, its stardom. Psychology, its madness. The Internet, its death.


The globalization of information shook up all status-quo. Curiosity wasn’t the same again. This was a movement pioneered by a small group of geeks that was remnant of the philosophers that came 2000 years before.

Along the way, the idea fell into the hands of halfwits who made questioning the status-quo their prime motivation. They were curious, all right, but they weren’t looking for answers. They were looking for more ideas to shit upon. And it changed everything: Mindlessly questioning the status-quo became the status-quo.

We are asking some pretty dumb questions and we are asking some pretty dumb questions about those questions — until hell freezes over. And the problem with that is nothing’s getting done. We are only producing skeptical sociopaths who believe they are standing for entire movements and causes.

And this is the new curiosity. It’s seeking validation for the questions asked rather than the answers received. Which brings us to one cause that no one gets, but everyone loves to talk about: Freedom of Speech. If questioning the status quo is the status-quo, speaking about Freedom of speech is the new freedom of speech.

Nauseous and circuitous.

Now you can get away with all the vile shit you say. Congratulations.

Curiosity fell with the belief that you can find answers only by questioning everything. But if we are questioning everything, no answer will ever satisfy us. And instead, we find an inane sense of pride in questioning itself.

Hell froze over and we fell into the endless crevasse of curiosity: attention-seeking. The trick’s simple: turn your vapid comment into a question and everyone will pay attention.

A conversation for change is not driven from a place of curiosity but from a place where words are picked on, bludgeoned, and thrashed around.

The result of all this is that what’s truly important is getting lost. The movement misses the message. One of the century’s most important causes is on the brink of going down in history as the movement that pioneered the usage of pronouns and antecedents.

Instead of having a conversation, we answer every question by asking another question. We’ve become afraid to find and live the answer. It’s like being in a place of worship and having that one swear word looping in your head. Is it only you?

Turning curiosity into a movement can become annoying and obstructing to living a normal healthy life. It can become a quiet addiction you don’t realize until people start keeping a safe distance from you. You become the proverbial hollering drunk that people go around.

You aren’t fighting for a cause, you are not curious — you are drunk on yourself and your questions because you have not bothered to find out the answers.

The red, round, runny thing has become your fruit of knowledge.

Who’s going to tell you it’s poisonous?

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