Life is like analogy

I love analogies.

Like home food.

I think analogies tell the deepest truth.

Like the sea.

I think we don’t listen.

Like not me.

I listen.
I heard you for 5 mins and now you hear me.
Like mom not letting me eat chocolate today cze I had ice cream.
Like Socratic reasoning.

I wish I had better analogies.
Unlike my analogies. 

Unlike is not an analogy.
Like is.

But, I was told not to fear.
Exactly what my coach told me before he pushed me into the deep end.
I almost drowned before he asked me to stand up.
You start in the kid’s pool.

The previous paragraph had no analogy.
What was even the point?

The previous paragraph had no analogy.
What was even the point?

But I was told not to fear.
Like when I gave my second speech in public.
I was okay the first time.
Like the second time in the pool.

I don’t know why I like analogies.
Life is like a bag of peanuts. With the peanuts all gone.

Everything is going to be alright.
Like the time you would be very sick and remember Mum and Dad.
Somehow, everything seems alright for a moment.
Like nothing were wrong.
That got unnecessarily sentimental.
Like a man who has a great pair of sneakers
But no feet.

Do you like analogies?

If we both like the same thing, does that mean we can be friends?
But, like, do I?


Somehow one analogy is all I need for inspiration, laughter, and bad teeth.
Like the one ice-cream that has all your favorite flavors in it.

I also like metaphors.
Like saying things like life is a canvas and you choose to paint whatever shit you want.

But what if I don’t want to paint? What if I want to go out and play.
Why can’t life be a playground?
Life is a stage and we are all mere actors.
No one listens.

The previous paragraph had no analogy.
What was even the point?

I wanted to see what it would be like to fill your writing with analogy. 

Like this one.

I conclude it is completely, pointlessly life-changing.
Like, you know, whatever.

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