Knowledge, Wisdom, Versus.

I live in the knowledge economy and have a blog which means I have been called upon by no one particular to talk about things like I know what I am talking about. Here’s one more.

The learners. Their system of hydration is drinking from a firehose.
They devour information, chew it, and splay it out like roller coaster vomit.
We are impressed by how much they know. They say simple things strongly.
Books give them an orgiastic rapture. Condescension is their first language.
They are neurotic, anxious, and paranoid.
To knowledge.

The wise are quiet. Their system of hydration is droplets of water.
They observe and transcend what’s immediate.
When they talk it’s a reminder of something you know. Always knew.
They are funny, awkward, lazy. Unspecial.
You will never recognize them. They make mistakes.
Forgiveness and acceptance is their first language. It’s why they can talk to themselves.
To wisdom.

The learned listen to know; the wise listen to discover.
Learning is knowledge; Wisdom is knowing.
The learned cannot be humble because it will destroy his knowledge;
The wise cannot be humble because she doesn’t know its opposite.
The wisdom of pronouns lies in pleasing both genders.
To be learned is to gather. To be wise is to remember.
To divisions.

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