The today show

It is the best of times it is the worst of times it is therefore the most confusing of times.

Today is the future.

Today is the past.

Today is evil.

When you are on a long vacation from reason, how does it matter what day it is? It’s always today.

To pay attention now, you need to first be distracted. Today has become that distraction. Show me what a shit show today is and I will show you how to get the most likes on Facebook.

We have the freedom to gush over every thought that comes an inch from the cloudburst that’s our brain, but we don’t have the temperament to deal with the consequences of the deluge. In everything but the spiritual sense, we live in the present moment. Living in the zeitgeist is the zeitgeist.

When you are chained to today, your movement is going to be restricted to your self-righteousness. Your perspective will be shaped by what’s trending. You start to think in reactions. And before you know it, you are clickbait’s bitch.

Generation after another, we have been getting more and more paranoid about the doom and hopelessness in store for future generations. And yet when we look back, everything’s better than ever. It pisses us off to know how wrong we were. It’s why we cling on to today because everything still seems to be falling apart today.

Today is our recreational drug. It’s walking around in an altered state of consciousness where we are left with the same two choices at the end of every day: Am I supposed to pretend everything’s wrong so I look normal, or am I supposed to pretend everything’s normal and risk looking crazy?

Reality feels distorted not because of how much we believed in the future, but because of how much we believe in what’s happening today. If history repeats, why are we surprised each time it tells us how wrong we were about everything?

Especially about today.

What day is it? Don’t pretend like you know. You don’t.

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