Cry babies

Everything sucks.

The Wi-Fi.
The Weather.
The Phone.
The Food.
The Job.
The Joint.
The Music.
The Mankind.
This Alliteration.
That Alligator.

All right. I feel better. Let’s get started.

There was a time not long back when we all went apeshit over positive thinking. You know the time when we all pretended not to notice Rimy was sad, and when she started crying, we just spoke louder. I miss those times.

Because somewhere along the way, a few people started to gag at this way of thinking. And that was the beginning of exposing a cult that was built on arresting your emotional development and nuking your natural instincts. Also often known as religion.

But the people who called out positive thinking’s bluff made the classic rebellion blunder.

They created a movement of their own: The shit on everything movement.

If you want real change, whine and bitch and moan about everything.

And how’s that worked? Pretty good if we are talking about the size of your phone screen or making President. Pretty bad if we are talking about pandemics or saving the planet.

The focus with the new movement is not so much about changing, as much as it was about complaining. The means was so cool; it consumed the end. Yeah, we finally had people crazy enough to think they can change the world, except they all happened to be literally crazy.

The symbol of change now is a bunch of dweeby goofballs queuing up outside a phone store not so much to disrupt the status-quo, but to upgrade their status so they can now send pictures of their dicks, at blazing fast speeds, despite bad lighting, and not worry about the consequences of spillage.

In a lot of ways, the new change movement is no different from positive thinking. One group is obsessed with their thinking and the other, with their feeling, and they both believe you should not let one interfere with the other.

The everything sucks ideology is the shit-spread on the bread of human consciousness. All it shows is that we are starved for attention. You think you feel deeply about everything, but the truth is you force feelings when there are none. You are more numb than ever.

The freedom to doubt was the independence our emotions craved. But taken to its extreme form, it kills the freedom to trust. If the world needs to change for you to change, do everyone a favour and get off the Internet.

Whining is to change what worship is to violence. All it proves is that you are weak, a weenie, and you would rat out anyone, even God, if it feeds into your delusions of change.

Here’s something both movements never wanted you to hear: You suck. And that’s okay. We all do from time to time, and change happens when we can forgive one another for it.

Change is when your thoughts and feelings can take another form. Of acceptance and trust.

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