19 ways to name a baby

  1. Cave: I s h m a e l
  2. Renaissance: Call me Ishmael.
  3. Baroque: My name once was, happens to be, and somehow still is, Ishmael.
  4. Cubism: Call me [Ishmael].
  5. Classicism: Please, thou can address yours truly, Noble Ishmael.
  6. Rococo: The name’s Ishmael, Ishmael’s the name, name the’s Ishmael.
  7. Impressionism: For those who think I need an introduction, appelez-moi Ishmae.
  8. Expressionism: The self cannot be contained inside an ancestral appellation the sound merely utilitarian having which said, I am 80 decibels of Ishmael.
  9. Avant-garde: The name’s Ishmael, bro.
  10. Abstract: Call me Ish, Mae, L. L. L. L. L. L. L. L
  11. Conceptual: I am so high I don’t remember my name.
  12. Minimalism: I, & u?
  13. Dadaism: My name is Sheila, Sheila ki Jawani.
  14. Pop: Call me Isabella.
  15. Futurism: This is 01101001 01110011 01101000 01101101 01100001 01100101 01101100 00001010.
  16. Surrealism: Call Ishmael me and me Bond, James ‘Ananthapadmanabhan’ Bond.
  17. Fauvism: I am Ishmael and my favourite color is Amaranth.
  18. Performance: Whale meat.
  19. Contemporary: Call me #Ishmael.

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