I am normal because I feel like shit all the time is the latest from the woke cult.

Twitching over how screwed up everything is is not normal. It’s why the line between delusion and depression is becoming dangerously indistinguishable.

How did our mental afflictions become a marketing tool for doom?

Is there no one left who can experience the world how it is, even for a little while? Because if you even tried, you will shut up into a speechless spell. This shit’s a wonder and the need to change it constantly is catastrophic.

In our search for meaning, we’ve grown a hard-on for leaving an impact. It’s how Hitler got his start.

Everything is a cause, all of a sudden. You are either fighting for one or going against one. These movers and shaggers (shakers?) are annoying. We’ve reached a point where no one knows what the end looks like. You just continue until you run out of hashtags.

One of the biggest movements now is offering a lifetime’s worth of apology for being a white person. Did the world just shit itself or what?

Leaving an impact, beyond being the sex toy of the ambitious, has become democratized into a plastic pipedream to replace our perspective on progress with the anxiety of our self-worth. Our canned consolation is everything will be okay when it really needs to be:

Not everything is about you.

We spent the first decade of this century doing drastic shit and the next decade, undoing everything we did. It’s why our latest ideas for change and impact sound unnerving. It feels to me like we have reached a point where we are trying to one-up God.

What’s more pissing off to our religion of speed and life-contrasting mental angst than hearing: God created the world in six days. It’s why everything we are working toward looks increasingly like an effort to undo that, in lesser time.

Don’t leave an impact. Undent the Universe. Die alone.

One thought on “C₆H₂(NO₂)₃CH₃

  1. ..until you run out of hashtags.., ..apology for being white person.. -face with tears of joy emoji 13 times!

    I would pin this as my favourite essay of yours so far.
    I have been ranting about how every next generation is busy solving the problems created by its previous generation who didn’t thought of long term repercussions of their decisions. The coming generation is going to spend their time handling discarded batteries, solar panels, painted tyres and removing mud from plastic bottles.
    I am wondering whom you are surrounded by and what all you consume from phone.. I suggest following pages on minimalism, eco freaks, ESG, gardening ideas, veganism if it gives some hope.

    Do you know these IVY league have started teaching ‘Systems thinking’ as a part of their academic curriculum. Some folks realised one will have to teach common sense else they will dig lithium and silicon if you deny fossil fuel.
    Anyway, what I was coming to is that there’s an unresolved clutter around “the need to change it constantly is catastrophic”, ” We’ve reached a point where no one knows what the end looks like” with me. Would love if you could elaborate on this. I surely can experience the world as it is, don’t change anything but for a little while right? What after that? I surely can die alone but all actions untill that point will have some repercussions.. can’t avoid actions. Do you have thoughts around how you take better decisions?
    Also pls elaborate on what’s the problem with lesser time? For eg, tell me which is better- injecting whole of human race and making them lactose intolerant in 10 years or 200 years of veganism awareness camps?

    Thanks for this essay! Smiling face with heart eyes emoji 15 times. 2 for the last line.

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