The truth about truth about truth about truth

I don’t think it’s working. I’ve been blogging for four years and I haven’t found the truth. Maybe I should move to Twitter—people there seem to know what they are talking about.

The search for truth is self-help’s Hail Mary pass. And it’s a good one. Since no one around you has experienced truth, you’ll never know what it’s like when you find it, so as you keep searching and I can sell you books and podcasts, forever. Enlightenment is a self-sustainable enterprise.

The modern search for truth is a meltdown of excess freedom. It’s the smug self-satisfaction of self-awareness, a search for spiritual superiority.

The discomfort with truth used to be the loneliness of the path. People took different paths to get to the same point. Soon enough, people saw an undervalued business. So they convinced the others there’s more than one destination. And to get to the best one, the highest, there was only one path and only they knew it. Sell your sanity and they’ll show you. And that’s how you start a religion.

Truth is now divided by the destination. Discomfort is everything you do so to get there faster. And we are still reeling from the devastation of this division. It’s why the search for truth has become a search for everything wrong with the world. It was meant to be a search for You.

If you think the world’s screwed up, read some history. If you think the world’s better than ever, get on Twitter. But if you really want to know the world, start by getting comfortable with your own divisions. That’s the real discomfort of truth. Radical liberalism isn’t a higher form of democracy much less a search for truth. It’s just some people’s inability to deal with their loneliness. People who question everything and people who question nothing are both equally insufferable. Because they both reject the mystery that makes truth possible in the first place.

Truth is not a self-improvement exercise. It’s a self-effacing one. It’s the most perfect imperfection. It’s not the ability to change your mind, but the ability to take responsibility for your contradictions.

Truth is the blink of an eye in your attempt to see the world. Anything that promises longer is a blindfold.

Truth is the world inside you, the one place God knew you’d never look. And anyone that promises there’s only one way to get there just needs your money.

Truth is a mystery. Science can falsify, never resolve—get you there faster, just not fast enough.

Risk seeing. Risk knowing you. Risk the mystery of existence.

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