This sentence has seventeen syllables. Nope. Now? Nope. Now? Nope. Snake. Now?

A haiku is a poetic form of 17 syllables arranged in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.


What the litshit sort
is a haiku? Bitchplease now
what’s a syllable?

Something ’bout vowels
What am I, Shakespeare’s bitch?
I ain’t counting sound.

Introducing *cough*
online syllable counter
aeiou, dickheads.


Social life: Is that
the one where you live in hope
of shagging strangers?


Who am I? A once
forgotten birth-control pill.
A condom complaint.


If you do get what
I write, I am a writer.
If you don’t, I am.


What kinda coffee
do they drink in Israel?
Hebrew. hehehehe.


When a man talks well
of his wife, he is just re-
assuring himself.


A woman, head cocked,
securing her earrings, the
most beautiful sight.

3 thoughts on “This sentence has seventeen syllables. Nope. Now? Nope. Now? Nope. Snake. Now?

    1. Convert, good sir, it’s nice to hear from you. Did you hear about the scourge? (They aren’t mine exactly, as most things on this blog go, but they were one of my most excrutiating attempts at making mine.)

  1. The Scourge? I don’t think I heard about it. Was that a past post?
    I was introduced to Haiku in grade school and saw it pop up from time to time as an interesting frivolity but I never stopped to really enjoy it until this post.
    I think becoming fluent in talking in Haiku would be a most rewarding and annoying endeavor.

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