Jokes – 2

Yo mama so fat

You are so fat, thank goodness you are tall.

People with a double chin shouldn’t feel shy.

Do you know what the fat guy does to wake up in 30 minutes?
He orders a Pizza.

What do you call a cute baby? Cutie. What do you call a fat baby? Cutie pie.

She told me she wanted to some magic in the relationship…and I told her I can try the elephant disappearing trick if she volunteered.


Tiny, stubby, teeny-weeny. I am a man of little words.

Phil’s on a Plant-based diet. We call him chlorophyll.

If you want internet, go stand under the sun. That’s a hotspot.

My knees are weak. Nephews strong though.

The power’s back.
When life gives you lumens.

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