Thinking & Planning

The world is about to end.
What are you waiting for?

Why do you want to continue
to think?

Now’s the time.
Join the dance.

At least in the last moments,

You have been thinking,
looking forward to shit.

You have been planning,
looking back at shit.



You have nothing to look forward to anymore.
Because, this, you can only know when it happens.

The unknown is the endless music of life.
The only way to know it is to dance.

What are you saving time for?
For when?

What are you thinking about?
For whom?

What are you going to do with all the shit you planned?
For you only to get to the same place, one where you plan some more.

You’ve lived your life like an insurance.
Little by little, repetition by repetition.


I am going to ask only once.
Wanna dance?

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