Begs the question

PowerPoint presentation

Would you like to see me vomit?


How much protein do you get in a day?

Existential crisis

Where do millennials end and Generation Z begin?

Social media

What is premature ejaculation?



Shit my dad says

Can you help my friend’s daughter attain enlightenment?


Does tomorrow, 2:00 PM work for you?

Dick joke

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
“It’s me, the guy with no arms and legs.”

One thought on “Begs the question

  1. Haha, deep.

    I shared this with a friend, I have done this before, but only today I had the epiphany, many times, other don’t understand your blog, and I can, but I am also unable to explain, and the epiphany was realising the reason behind this- because I understand what you mean better than them- for them it’s a standalone post, for me it’s a continuum of years

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