Okay. This is it. Me time.

My name is irrelevant. I went to school and stuff. When I got bored of school, I went to work. And vice versa.

All-encompassing, I am more ordinary than a bag of salted potato chips. In early 2017, I decided I need some Sriracha in my life and started writing.

It turned out to be Wasabi.

End of 2017, I left work to go see some parts of the world with a small backpack (not a mistake) and wing-tip shoes (big mistake). It was a mousy version of Into the Wild. I burnt my money on the London Underground.

All the while, I continued writing.

What started as a child’s scribbling pad eventually led to an ability to color within the confines of a boundary. That boundary took the form of vague philosophy. Less infinite existential who am i’s, and more exploring the confined wisdom in everyday ordinariness. Things such as: What can a pigeon teach you about originality? How do you make a complete fool of creativity? How can Nietzsche and his mustachio help you discover your life’s purpose? Like I said, not exactly the Pacific Ocean of philosophies.

I am complicit in adding to the onslaught of information already out there. And I know you have important stuff to do. Posting essays a long time after I actually write them gives me enough space to carve out only the most significant part of the self-hatred.

One more thing. Actually, four more:

A blog is not a substitute for books. Especially, not this one. Between the two, spend your one wild and precious life reading books. This blog is meant to be a salubrious break, a weekend getaway of reflections; or to go back the chips metaphor, a guilt-free snack; perhaps even a perfect alternative when someone tells you, “I’ll be there in like 3 minutes, or max 4 – surely 5!”

On the name, meditations: the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius regularly wrote and reflected in journals he kept for himself. A few thousand years before the Internet, someone invaded his privacy, decided his journals were too cool to remain private and published them under the title Meditations. Given the book’s popularity, I thought, you know, SEO.

That’s it. Please feel free to get pissed off and offer unsolicited advice under the comments section under any post. If an essay changed your life, ask me where to send the money, and then ask yourself why your life sucks this badly.

With that, from the bottom of the bore well of my heart, thank you for reading.

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