I write, therefore I think. My name is Srinath. I like to sound philosophical and quotey. The time I took to write this about page could have produced two good posts. This one here is still bad, but like the saying goes: Don’t judge a blog by its about page.

I have been writing for a year now and intend to do so until I reach above below average. I thought some of the things I write may interest you. Not because what I am saying is right, but because it could be all wrong, and together, we could discover the grand purpose of life.

Anyway, about: I grew up in Bengaluru, India and studied Liberal arts some time. I live in Delhi now. That’s all.

A long time ago, I read one of my articles to a friend. He (she, actually) threw a pen on my head and asked me to write a blog and called me a ‘selfish big’. I think she meant pig. I picked up the pen and wrote the word blog on a piece of paper and threw it back. Something else hit me after that. I don’t remember. Nine months later, I became less selfish. And less big. Hence the blog! There are few ideas about productivity, work, philosophy, and as they used to call it back then: life, in here.

What’s with the name, Meditations?

The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius had a journal. In it, he wrote his thoughts, trials, and tribulations. Someone found this journal and published it. And someone else called that journal meditations. I love that name. And Marcus Aurelius is one of my heroes. Ergo, Meditations.

Let us read.

Actually, there’s a little more after you read. Could you please leave a comment or write to me at srinathn1@gmail.com. Why? Because we are true friends and true friends make fun of one another in the comments section. Only I will see this section – an attempt to keep the site clean – and that may also help you write salt-coated feedback without worrying about rejoinders from my two raving fans.

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