Okay. This is it. Me time.

My name is irrelevant. I went to school and stuff. When I got bored of school, I went to work. And vice-versa. I did that for six years. All-encompassing, I am more ordinary than a bag of salted potato chips. In early 2017, I decided I need some Fiery Hot Wasabi Hot Sauce to go with life and hence started writing.

Soon, I got greedy and wanted more. Late 2017, I left work to go see some parts of the world with a small backpack. It was a mousy version of Into the Wild – I burnt my money differently.

I was still regularly writing in this blog.

What started as a child’s scribbling pad eventually led to an ability to color within the confines of a boundary. That boundary took the form of simple philosophies. Less infinite existential who am I, and more confined wisdom in everyday ordinariness. Things such as: What can a pigeon teach you about originality? How do you make a complete fool of creativity? How can Nietzsche and his mustachio help you discover your life’s purpose? You see, not exactly the Pacific Ocean of philosophies.

The blog is not a journal. The essays written here are for each other, for parts of us that are not so different and still so unique. I am complicit in adding to the onslaught of information already out there. And I know you have important stuff to do. Ergo, I am rigorous about what I put out on the blog. Posting once a week gives me enough space to carve out only the most significant part of the labor. I hope you find it useful.

One more thing. Actually, five more:

A blog is not a substitute for books. Between the two, spend your one wild and precious life reading the books you like. This blog is meant to be a salubrious break, a weekend getaway of reflections; or to go back the chips metaphor, a guilt-free snack; perhaps even a soothing alternative when someone tells you, “I’ll be there in like 3 minutes, or max 4 – surely 5!”

I call it Meditations in honor my favorite emperor, Marcus Aurelius – who regularly reflected in journals he kept for himself. A few thousand years later, some awesome person got hold of the journals/invaded his privacy, and decided the writings were too epic to remain private and published them under the title, Meditations. Now that I think about it, the emperor maybe quite pissed.

That’s it. Please tell me what you think, offer topic ideas, or suggestions in the comments section under any post [This section is mostly private unless the comment is about how the post changed your life, and how I am a literary genius and all that].

You can also send your thoughts, lunch coupons and invites to stay at your beachfront property to srinathn1@gmail.com.

With that, from the bottom of the borewell of my heart, Thank you for reading.

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