Wasabi Kit Kat.

These are some of the most life-affirming, universe-denting, and mind-expanding essays you will ever read, ever.

Okay, Okay. These posts will give you a flavor of the blog.

No one say a word: Let’s begin with something warm and friendly.

Why I Write – Now straight to the existential stuff.

What should I do with my life? – Cze I know what I am talking about.

Travel – You should leave now.

Falling in Love – It’s always too late.

Post unimpressed-ionism: the one art movement to end all art movements – Art, now.

Why you should not read this blog – Or any blog.

Why you will never be successful – I am cheery like that.

Introversion – If you see me sitting by myself, please do me a favor and stay away.

The one friend we all need – I have exactly one number of friends.

How to stop caring about how to stop caring about what people think – clickbait.

How to attain Enlightenment – It’s the tree.

When things fall apart: Tauba tera jalwa, Tauba tera pyar, Tera emosanal attyachaar On heartbreaks and stitching ’em together.

The only Artificial Intelligence that could actually destroy us all
– Every time you feel you need your own planet for being unstoppably intelligent.

The Acceptance Paradox – Why you reject yourself. Also, relationship advice.

Stop Pointing at me – For those normal days when you wake up and ask, what’s the point of all this? For a more cinematic take, see the meaning of it all.

I just bought an Audi. And you? – Obviously, the most clicked essay on the site.

Banana Chips at Harvard – The simplicity of success and happiness and why we hate it.

I lost my Rubik’s cube while staring at it – Do you really do what you love and vice versa?

What are you going to do with your life? – The answer to your life’s FAQ #1.

Are you Happy? – The hydrogen-filled hullaballoo around happiness, pin-pricked.

How to hug a Lion? – Free hugs, Lion King edition. A post about one of the most important virtues in the human jungle.

Insanity is Personal. This is mine: – You are not alone. For all the questions you have when you wrestle with your thoughts.