Art Exhibition–Room 11: Heresy

The creation of the new is neither a rejection nor an improvement of what was—but a tribute. The Potato Eaters, Vincent van Gogh David, Michelangelo Girl with a Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer The scream, Edvard Munch Guernica, Pablo Picasso Girl with Balloon, Banksy Fountain, Marcel Duchamp


How did philosophy become the annoying one? Of the seven liberal arts that make up the three-year-long job application to Starbucks, five are tedious schlock. Music is respite and logic is philosophy's scaffolding. At a time when beliefs were adulterating lives, philosophy put thought through a purification process. It was a cataract for a fading … Continue reading Philosophy

This sentence has seventeen syllables. Nope. Now? Nope. Now? Nope. Snake. Now?

A haiku is a poetic form of 17 syllables arranged in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. Bullshit What the litshit sortis a haiku? Bitchplease nowwhat's a syllable?Something 'bout vowelsWhat am I, Shakespeare's bitch?I ain't counting sound.Introducing *cough*online syllable counteraeiou, dickheads.Extraversion Social life: Is thatthe one where you live in hopeof shagging strangers? … Continue reading This sentence has seventeen syllables. Nope. Now? Nope. Now? Nope. Snake. Now?

How to break an adult? A children’s guide

Hello, children. Obviously, you are not reading this. You have more important things to do, like licking the doorknob or applying hand sanitizer on your face. I don't intend at all to disturb your living-life-on-the-edge schedule, but, then, you are our only hope. Not hope in the I-will-live-my-life-through-you (it's called vicarious, but it will be … Continue reading How to break an adult? A children’s guide


"Find your passion." "Finding your passion is stupid. Find what you are good at, and do it long enough, and it will become your passion." Find something you undisputedly suck at, but for strictly self-loathing reasons, want to continue doing, and then keep doing until you realize you have become so good at being bad … Continue reading Bhakti