To travel

To feel lightTo risk tourism To not know where to lookTo learn small soundsTo stockpile wonderTo walk infinitely To close out dead-endsTo grieve your shoesTo disorientTo eat in reclusion To grow daze-facedTo get sun-drenchedTo go moon-madTo suspect yourself To mock meaningTo do dumb shitTo determine, habitually, if you should've stayed homeTo laugh at an eavesdropped … Continue reading To travel


Cooking with its therapeutic unbuttoning of tightly drawn days. And art—with its anything but. And art—when understanding fails. And art—for you need a little madness. A dash, a pinch, a spill. Madness makes art pure. It can't be learned. Can't be taught. It's a dissolution of everything you never knew. Making art is the what-happens-after-death … Continue reading Fever