19 ways to name a baby

Cave: I s h m a e lRenaissance: Call me Ishmael.Baroque: My name once was, happens to be, and somehow still is, Ishmael.Cubism: Call me [Ishmael].Classicism: Please, thou can address yours truly, Noble Ishmael.Rococo: The name's Ishmael, Ishmael's the name, name the's Ishmael.Impressionism: For those who think I need an introduction, appelez-moi Ishmae.Expressionism: The self … Continue reading 19 ways to name a baby

Why, God, Why

Philosophers sound nervously prophetic. Two thousand years ago, they are going on about how everything is fast-paced, how everyone's running a mindless race and how the next generation thinks out of their arse. They even talk about information overload from other schools of philosophy. Philosopher king Marcus Aurelius was at one point the most powerful … Continue reading Why, God, Why