Only schmucks give advice.If you sweat a lot you shouldn't wear grey, you Rorschach juice sluice.Accumulate accumulate accumulate, die.What if: not?Stop pretending. Once in a while.Wait.Keep away from people who say 'manifest'. Relax, fucker.You are not a writer. Or a designer.Don't become so sane you become insane, you one trick weenies.


I am trying something old, old in the futility of it, old in the fugitivity i find myself in—uninterested in writing as i know—knew—it, in thinking the way i think (thought), in wondering (thought, again)—i have become old in my habits and all freshness has been deodorized by foreowned wisdom—can you stop saying "i" so … Continue reading Sentenced

Frequently untold answers

On WritingYou should give up and go do something else.On healthDeath is inevitable, and you are so boring.On meditationUseless, eventually.On GodYes.On GodNo. On marriageWhat happens after death?On social mediaYou are wrong!On successWhen the lineage stops at you.On self-awarenessOpen in Incognito.

Ten beautiful things

A lone coconut tree.The word Tathātā.A woman's wrist.The flickering of airplane lights.This Catullus quote:I hate and I loveWhy do I, you ask?I don't know, but it's happeningand it hurts.The old man selling fruits outside McDonald's.A stranger's knowing smile.When people open/close doors real slow so they don't wake you up. Holding hands.A distinct laugh.