Rated R

"I am not religious; I am spiritual," is like a cannibal saying he is vegan only because he eats other vegans. There's no better way to ease into religion and spirituality than a disturbingly unfunny joke about the absence of dairy in human flesh. Let's get spirituality out the way. Spirituality is your still-single uncle … Continue reading Rated R

Favorite books

If you came here looking for a list, I have none. But you probably came for something else. You are here to find out what kind of person I am. That's what books are. Persona-shaping loneliness-fighting mystery-soaked nostalgia-induced emotionally-embalmed human connectors. A person's bookshelf is a museum of his soul. It can tell you everything … Continue reading Favorite books


What happens when you wrap excuse, escape, entitlement and exaggerated self-importance into one taco? This alliterative junk food has many names. Psychology, the gentlemanly cigar-smokin uncle that it is, calls it┬ábias. Self-help, the nauseous, processed food that it is, calls it the┬ástory you tell yourself. Of course, I, the cosmic vastness that is my vocabulary, … Continue reading Secret(a)