Now, fly

This essay is dedicated to everyone that's offended me. I forgive you. Don't get in touch though, I am not forgiving you that much. Forgiveness is like the sun — you never look at it directly. Not until you see anger has made you blind already. A few know their way around anger, its purgatory … Continue reading Now, fly


Every kid gets a nickname. Mine was Failure. For thirteen years, my greatest achievement was not failing grades 1-7. I came real close each year. Which is why the name made no sense. I never actually failed. In the last few years, people who found success came out with a singular motivating spiel: the choices that … Continue reading Failure

For whom the bell trolls: Talking on the Internet

The principled virtues of your existence helping or hindering your edification depend on moral traits that the common populace upholds toward its own enlightenment. Dawn, thus comes upon the few who have no such virtues. Sophistication comes from Greek 'Sophistry'. Sophistry comes from the Latin 'Sophist'. Sophist comes from English 'Jackass'. Sophistry is a style … Continue reading For whom the bell trolls: Talking on the Internet