How to start a fire

You buy shit hoping it will make you happy. But your life continues to suck. Now you get rid of it all hoping the purge will bring rapture. Welcome to minimalism Welcome also to the 21st century, where the spectrum of spiritual irony has people hoarding new beliefs to bring them closer to God and … Continue reading How to start a fire

A beautiful disquiet

The sky is the color of fire. The cliff is burning into an impossible expanse, a surrender. And the sea—the sea is a pool of tears shed at the frightening abundance of so much beauty and sacrifice. The sea is extinguishing itself into the sky. Beauty makes you feel infinitely. There's something about it that makes … Continue reading A beautiful disquiet


How did philosophy become the annoying one? Of the seven liberal arts that make up the three-year-long job application to Starbucks, five are tedious schlock. Music is respite and logic is philosophy's scaffolding. At a time when beliefs were adulterating lives, philosophy put thought through a purification process. It was a cataract for a fading … Continue reading Philosophy


"Find your passion." "Finding your passion is stupid. Find what you are good at, and do it long enough, and it will become your passion." Find something you undisputedly suck at, but for strictly self-loathing reasons, want to continue doing, and then keep doing until you realize you have become so good at being bad … Continue reading Bhakti